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Safety is always the number one top priority in archery!

Our Dura Backstop Netting is often strategically places behind targets as an arrow catching safety net to stop arrows that miss the targets on 3D courses, outdoor shooting ranges, or even at home in your own back yard.

We have found that it is especially nice if your safety net is not too distracting to the shooters. An inconspicuous safety net is best for these situations. Our NEW Camo Dura Backstop Netting is the perfect low-profile solution! Just like all our Dura Backstop Netting, the Camo version provides maximum safety with its arrow stopping ability, but now the camo coloring makes it much less noticeable.

After thorough testing, the Camo Dura Backstop Netting has proven itself as the best in its class. We were not surprised at all, it makes sense because the camo version is made from the same proven material as our legendary Green Dura Backstop Netting!


  • Height: 2,7 meters (8,85 feet) (Dimension Tolerance 5%)
  • Length: 3 meters (10 feet) (Dimension Tolerance 5%)
  • Color: Camo
  • Accessories: 10 plastic hooks, 3.5 meters steel rope, operating and assembly instruction

Dura Backstop Netting Camo 2,7 x 3 meter

kr 3 200,00Pris
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