Serious bowhunters and target archery shooters know that matching your arrow components closely improves your overall arrow accuracy. The Superior Balance Arrow-2000 has everything you need to accurately weigh your arrows. Maximum capacity of 2,000 grains with accuracy of 3.0865 grains. Features Backlit LCD display, tare function, and auto calibration. Includes instructions, batteries, an arrow holder, and a 100 gram (1,543.2 grains) calibration weight.  

The included arrow holder will keep your arrows and shafts in place while you weigh them on your digital scale. Simply place the Arrow Holder in the center of the weighing platform and press the tare key to "zero" the scale. Then place your arrow shaft on the holder to weigh it without fear of it rolling off. Please note, this Arrow Holder does not come with an adhesive backing.

The included 100 gram (1,543.2 grains) weight is the required weight if you want to recalibrate the scale. It is precision made to keep your grain scale

Superior Balance Professional Digital Arrow-2000 Scale

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